Convert the intensity value of the current pixel, Computer Graphics

Step1:  Read a text file which we want to hide.

Step2:  Transform it into an array of its binary value.

Step3: Transform this array into its equivalent one dimensional array and compute the array size

Step4: Read the cover image file.

Step5: Transform to its pixel value array.

Step6: For each pixel of the input image; Convert the intensity value of the current pixel into the binary form. Assign one element of the text array  into the last bit of the binary value.

Step7: Repeat step6 upto the text array size.

Step8: Save the encoded image.

Step9:  Create a text file and read the encoded image.

Step10: Transform the encoded image to its pixel array.

Step11: Pick a pixel and transform to its binary form and pick the 8th bit, store it in another array 'a'(1*8 array).

Step12:Transform a from binary to string and return it to the newly created file.

Step13:Repeat step11 & step12 upto the array size computed in step3.

Step14: End.

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