Conditions required for mimicking pericardial effusion, Biology

Q. Conditions required for Mimicking Pericardial Effusion?

In 2DE few conditions can mimic PE.

a) Pericardial fat-Mostly localized anteriorly. Absence of fat in the posterior part helps to differentiate from PE.

b) Pericardial cysts can mimic loculated PE-Pericardial cysts are often found in the right cardiophrenic angle which is an important distinguishing feature.

c) Pleural effusion of the left side occasionally can cause confusion in the diagnosis of PE. In the parasternal long axis view, the PE stops at the left atrioventricular junction while pleural effusion does not have such demarcation. The pleural fluid is detected posterior to and beyond the cardiac images.

d) Computerised axial tomography and Magnetic resonance imaging-There investigations are not usually required for the diagnosis of PE.

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