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The Shortest Job Next (SJN) algorithm queues processes in a way that the ones that
use the shortest CPU cycle will be selected for running rst. Shortest remaining time
rst algorithm (SRT) is used in real-time process management in operating systems.
? You need to assume a list of processes that have di erent length (For the purpose of
demonstration, the length may need to set to very large. You can generate the pro-
cesses either manually or using random functions within your chosen programming
? You need to arrange the processes become ready at di erent times for the SRT
? You need to construct a READY Queue to hold both newly arrived and the sent-
back processes in the case of the SRT algorithm.
You are required to
Task 1) [ 30 % ]
Produce a
owchart for the algorithm
Task 2) [ 30 % ]
Implement the algorithm in a programming language that you are familiar with (e.g.
C or C++).
Task 3) [ 20 % ]
? Run your program with three cases (each having at least ve processes) for the
two algorithms.
? Each case should be run for both algorithms in order for you to make a com-
parison of the average turnaround time.
? Record your input and output for each of the three runs (It would be preferred
to display your results on computer screen.).
1? Inputs should include case speci c information such as the arival time of the
process and the number of CPU cycles the process takes to run to completion.
? The single important output is the average turnaround time for case speci c
inputs (although a repesentation of the order of processes may be useful for
Task 4) [ 20 % ]
Write a brief report covering your diagrams, source code, input and output for each
run of your program, and a short conclusion of the algorithm including a comparison
of the average turnaround times for the cases tested for the two algorithms. Also
make comment on preemptive and nonpreemptive algorithms

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