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using one-address instructions,write a program to compute X=A-BxC

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Information system and information technology, (a) Explain the following te...

(a) Explain the following terms: Information System and Information Technology. (b) Describe the main components of a computer. Illustrate your answer by a block diagram. (c)

Determine the features of keyboards, Determine the features of keyboards ...

Determine the features of keyboards Common features on general-purpose keyboards are cursor-control keys. Functions keys are used to enter frequently used operations in a singl

Explain the race condition, Explain the Race Condition The situation wh...

Explain the Race Condition The situation where various processes access - and manipulate shared data concurrently. The final value of the shared data relies upon which process

Explain the working of a hybrid in telephone networks, How does a hybrid in...

How does a hybrid in telephone networks work ? The circuit operation is as follows: The input signal is coupled to the B and F windings similarly. By the C winding, the i

Which one logic gate can generate any logic function, A universal logic gat...

A universal logic gate is one, which can be used to generate any logic function.  Which one is a universal logic gate? Ans. NAND gate is a universal logic gate; it can generate

What are language processor development tools, What are Language Processor ...

What are Language Processor Development Tools (LPDTs)? LPDT that is Language processor development tools focuses upon generation of the analysis phase of language processors. T

Dbms., what is cascade rollback

what is cascade rollback

Analog-to-digital conversion process, A stationary random displacement sign...

A stationary random displacement signal was digitised at 64 samples a second and analysed to obtain an auto-spectral density.  The signal was calibrated in mm units.  The frame siz

Why dynamic RAMs require refreshing, Explain briefly, why dynamic RAMs requ...

Explain briefly, why dynamic RAMs require refreshing? Ans: Due to the charge's natural tendency to distribute itself in a lower energy-state configuration that is, the charg

Explain how the server control validation controls work, Briefly explain ho...

Briefly explain how the server control validation controls work? A validation control works by evaluating the value of an input server control on the page to see whether it me

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