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Silcraze City Council owns and operates a Gym. It charges $20 per month as membership fees. On the Gym Membership Card it is written that the Cardholder has the right to use all the equipment in the Gym. The Gym cointains various sorts of fitness equipment. One day the only Bench Press(One Gym Equipment) breaks down and the Gym Owners place a sign in ‘red’ beside the Bench Press, which states; “Do Not Use This Equipment . It is Broken.”
Advice Silcraze City Council of its liability in each of the following situations I.e with James, Ben and Mary who are all Members of the Gym.
i) James uses the Bench Press and is injured as the equipment is broken.
ii) Ben who is blind does not see the sign and uses the Bench Press and gets injured.
iii) Mary who comes to the Gym only to use the Bench Press sees the sign, then looks at her Membership Card and uses the Bench Press. She gets injured.
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