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Width of the Implant

The width of the implant especially at the interface area is critical towards the success of the implant. It has been recommended that at least 1mm of bone surrounding the implant labially and lingually to ensure the long-term predictability of the treatment as the bone thickness maintains the blood supply. The diameter of the implant is a more critical factor for the surface area than even the length; wider diameter allows for more mechanical engagement of cortical bone and better primary stability and prevents fracture of the implant especially at the cervical area where stresses are high. Using a narrower implant where a wider one was possible leads to increased chances for both mechanical and biological failure.

The implant diameter thus should be selected on the basis of the available bone width, esthetic requirements, load and stress analysis, the neighbouring teeth and the arch space available. Using a wider diameter in a narrow ridge situation, results in labial or lingual dehiscence that leaves the implant affected by the damaging shear stresses and leads to cervical bone loss and subsequent implant failure.


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