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Q. For the program given below, calculate the values of software science measures like ?, N, V, E and λ.

int. sort (int x[], int n)


int i, j, save, im1;

/*This function sorts array x in ascending order*/

If (n<2) return 1;

for (i =2; i<=n;i++)



for (j=1;j<=im;j++)

if (x[i]


Save = x[i];

x [i]=x[j];

x [j]=save;



return 0;



This list of operators as well as operands is given in Table.

590_Calculate the values of software.png

Here N1=53 and N2=38. The program length N =N1+N2=91

Vocabulary of the program ? =  ? 1+ ? 2=14+10=24

Volume V=Nxlog2 ?

=91x log2 24=417 bits.

The estimated program length N of the program

=14 log214+10 log210



Conceptually unique input as well as output parameters are represented by ? *2.

? *2=3 {x: array holding the integer to be sorted. This is used both as input and output}.

{N: the size of the array to be sorted}.

The potential volume V*=5 log2 5=11.6

Since L=V*/V




Estimated program level

794_Calculate the values of software1.png

We may use another formula

Vˆ* = VxLˆ

 = 417x0.038 = 15.67

The discrepancy between V* and Vˆ * doesn't inspire confidence in the application of this portion of software science theory to more complicated programs.

E=V/ Lˆ = Dˆ x V

= 417/0.038=10973.68

Consequently 10974 elementary mental discriminations are required to construct the program.

1043_Calculate the values of software2.png

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