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Table 1 shows the specific rate of breakage Sj and the values of the breakage distribution function b(i,j) of a mineral ore in a ball mill. Table 2 shows the size distribution of the feed.

Table 1 Specific rate of breakage Sj and the values of the breakage distribution function b(i,j) of a mineral ore in a ball mill based on 5 revolution of the mill.


Size Interval (µm)        150-106            106-75              75-53            53-37                   37-0

Interval, j                          1                          2                     3                   4                   5

Sj                                      0.65                  0.55                 0.40               0.35             0.00

b(1, j)                                0.00                  0.00                 0.00               0.00             0.00

b(2, j)                                0.35                  0.00                0.00               0.00              0.00

b(3, j)                                0.25                  0.45                0.00               0.00              0.00

b(4, j)                               0.20                   0.30                0.60               0.00              0.00

b(5,j)                                0.20                  0.25                  0.40              1.00              0.00

Table 2 Size distribution of the feed.

584_Calculate Change in Mass Fraction.png

(a) Which interval has the smallest absolute change in mass fraction after 1 min if the mill was operated at 5 rpm? Show your calculations.

(b) Given that the energy requirement for this ball milling process is 25 kJ·kg-1. In 100 words or less, describe which model (or models) you would use to estimate the energy required to crush the same feed material to a different size distribution. Justify your answers.

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