C# api to grab option price from cboe web site, DOT NET Programming

C# API to grab option price from CBOE web site

Project Description:

On the web page below, user will download option prices of Stock or Index. For example, if you put "VXX" in the textbox and click "Download", you will be able to download a file named "QuoteData" from CBOE web site. I need to have an API to download the QuoteData.dat automatically.

The need for this project is to provide a class named CBOEOptionPriceDownloader. This class needs to give one static method named DownloadOptionPrice (string ticker , string fileName). The method programmatically accesses the web page and save the QuoteData.dat under the name specified in fileName variable.

Skills required:

Software Architecture, C# Programming

Posted Date: 1/28/2014 3:28:36 AM | Location : United States

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