Box plot of income, Applied Statistics

The box plot displays the diversity of data for the income; the data ranges from 20 being the minimum value and 1110 being the maximum value. The box plot is positively skewed at 4.27 as the whisker at the top of the box is longer than the whisker at the bottom of the box, thus showing that there are more values at the top end of the box. The lower quartile is basically the 25th percentile which is 100; the median is the 50th percentile which is 120 and the upper quartile is 75th percentile which is 160.

519_box plot2.png

In relation to extreme data for income there are 58 outliers which have been identified on the box plot which deviate significantly from the rest of the distribution of the data:     

Outlier Value













1379, 1416




92, 1225


1187, 340, 1193


350, 56, 748, 1009


898, 903, 1170, 1191, 1143


121, 1188, 694, 373


345, 775


449, 974, 781, 872


176, 281, 1385


1247, 1171, 997, 485, 222, 181, 165


1413, 799, 80, 614, 1042, 1299


9, 23, 163, 260, 481, 674, 1210, 1322, 1370,1517


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