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Canadian politics, Canadian Politics- In one sense, the Constitution of Can...

Canadian Politics- In one sense, the Constitution of Canada is extremely old and in the other sense, this is new.The Constitution Act of 1867 formerly termed as the British North A

Cross reference entry, Cross Reference Entry   "A Cross Reference Entry...

Cross Reference Entry   "A Cross Reference Entry enters a document under one or other of the classes other than the dominant focus or class  For example, suppose the book is

Merits and deficiencies of library of congress, Merits and Deficiencies   ...

Merits and Deficiencies   The strongest aspect of LCSH is that it represents subject headings of a national library, one of the most richest of national libraries of the world.

Mention some civic virtues, Mention some civic virtues?  Good citizen d...

Mention some civic virtues?  Good citizen demand civic virtue. It is the principle of not harming the surroundings .it also contains living peacefully, respect for others, prot

Machine-readable record format, Machine-readable Record Format   MARC  ...

Machine-readable Record Format   MARC  is an acronym  for Machine-readable Catalogue or cataloguing. This general description is misleading, implying that MARC is a kind of cat

Define ethical pluralism, Define Ethical Pluralism?  Ethical pluralism...

Define Ethical Pluralism?  Ethical pluralism is the view that there might be alternative moral perspectives that are reasonable, but no one of which must be accepted completel

Export tread, resons of poor performing in india of export tread

resons of poor performing in india of export tread

Aacr-2r - rules for choice of heading, AACR-2R   In AACR-2R under 'Choi...

AACR-2R   In AACR-2R under 'Choice of Name' there are 19 rules of which four are about pseudonyms. Since pseudonyms are dealt with in Unit 12, we will leave these four rules fr

International yearbooks - general, International Yearbooks - General I...

International Yearbooks - General International yearbooks of a general nature are very handy, authentic and reliable manuals of descriptive and statistical information about e

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