applying missing data, Basic Statistics

For this assignment, you will have to review each column and make a decision for how to adjust for the missing data.

After you correct for missing data in each column, please describe, defend, and explain your decision rule in about 125 words. As part of this process you should have unadjusted and adjusted results. The unadjusted results will be an analysis (that is, mean, SD, histogram, and so forth) of the data in its original format. You will decide on which method is best to adjust to the missing data and compute the adjusted statistics. You will then compare the unadjusted results to the adjusted.

You have been given an Excel file with 5 variables to analyze and thus make decisions for the missing data. The columns could be treated as related or unrelated depending on your approach to the dataset, so consider this when making your decision on how to handle the missing data and discuss this in your interpretation of the findings.

Note: There is more than one way to adjust for the missing data in this assignment. What is important is to justify why you are using the approach you chose. Use the unadjusted to adjusted analysis to justify your approach. You could also try more than one adjustment approach and discuss each, but make sure you specify the "best" one that should be used.

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