Android development, Operating System

Developing an application for android encompass different steps as follows:

Setup:  Development environment is prepared during this phase. This includes downloading and installing  JAVA JDK  (JAVA Development Kit), Eclipse IDE, Android SDK, ADT plug-in  for Eclipse and the latest SDK tools and platforms using the SDK Manager. We need also to set up an Android Virtual Device (AVD) to run the computer to be used for testing developed application.

Development:  During this step the logic and framework of the application is designed. Based on that, source code and resource files for your application are developed.

Debugging and Testing:  During this step the code is debugged to improve performance remove errors that may  develop. The build at this stage is debuggable build. There are many tools available with the Android SDK to test applications.

Publishing:  The application in this stage is prepared to be released. It is configured, built and tested on some test devices. If it is prove to be stable and error free, it is distributed to users.

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