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What is algebra?

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Find the maximum and minimum brightness values, Variable stars are ones who...

Variable stars are ones whose brightness varies periodically. One of the most visible is R Leonis; its brightness is modelled by the function where t is measured in days.

Classify quadrilaterals, which quadrilaterals have only 1 pair of parallel ...

which quadrilaterals have only 1 pair of parallel sides

How many more cm are required to reach the average monthly, Thomas is remai...

Thomas is remaining track of the rainfall in the month of May for his science project. The first day, 2.6 cm of rain fell. On the second day, 3.4 cm fell. On the third day, 2.1 cm

Demerits and merits -the arithmetic mean or a.m, Demerits and merits of the...

Demerits and merits of the measures of central tendency The arithmetic mean or a.m Merits i.  It employs all the observations given ii. This is a very useful

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