Advantages and disadvantage of using timber fenders, Civil Engineering


What are advantages and disadvantage of using timber fenders, plastic fenders and rubber fenders?


Timber fenders-
They are low in power and are subject to rotting and marine borer attack. Furthermore, they have low energy absorption capacity and berthing reaction depends on a point of contact. Contact weight between fender and vessels are high. They are measured to be environmentally unfriendly as they consume tropical hardwoods in their production.

Plastic fenders-
Their strength is alike to that of timber fenders but they have relatively high abrasive resistance. They are opposed to to chemical and biological attack. Their energy absorption capacities are reasonable and berthing reactions are also dependent on the point of contact. Reaction is lower when compared with timber fenders for a given energy absorption. They are considered to be environmental friendly since they are manufactured from recycled material.

Rubber fenders-
They possess high abrasive resistance and are also resistant to generally biological and chemical attacks. They have restrained to good energy absorption capacity and energy absorption performance is independent of the point of contact. Alike to plastic fenders, they are too environmental friendly products.


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