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how do I change this ratio to a fraction

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Pi, is that rational or irrational number

is that rational or irrational number

Identify the flaw in the argument, Identify the flaw in the following argum...

Identify the flaw in the following argument which supposedly determines that n 2 is even when n is an even integer. As well name the reasoning:             Assume that n 2 is

Prove that 2b3-3abc+a2d=0, If  the  ratios  of  the  polynomial ax 3 +3bx...

If  the  ratios  of  the  polynomial ax 3 +3bx 2 +3cx+d  are  in  AP,  Prove  that  2b 3 -3abc+a 2 d=0 Ans: Let p(x) = ax 3 + 3bx 2 + 3cx + d and α , β , r are their three Z

Solving an equation using multiplication and division, Solving an equation ...

Solving an equation using Multiplication and Division       A variable is a symbol that represents a number. Usually we use the letters like n , t , or x for variables. For

How many miles to the gallon does marci''s car get, Marci filled her car's ...

Marci filled her car's gas tank on Monday, and the odometer read 32,461.3 miles. On Friday while the car's odometer read 32,659.7 miles and she filled the car's tank again. It will

How many cubic centimetres of cork dust will be required?, A cylindrical ve...

A cylindrical vessel of diameter 14 cm and height 42 cm is fixed symmetrically inside a similar vessel of diameter 16 cm and height 42 cm. The total space between two vessels is fi

Calculus with vector functions - three dimensional space, Calculus with Vec...

Calculus with Vector Functions In this part we need to talk concisely on derivatives, limits and integrals of vector functions. Like you will see, these behave in a quite pred

Arc length - applications of integrals, Arc Length - Applications of integr...

Arc Length - Applications of integrals In this part we are going to look at determining the arc length of a function.  As it's sufficiently easy to derive the formulas that we'

Trigonometric ratios, to difine trigonometric ratios of an angle,is it nece...

to difine trigonometric ratios of an angle,is it necessary that the initial ray of the angle must be positive x-axis?

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