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Condensation reaction of carbonyl compounds, Condensation reaction of carbo...

Condensation reaction of carbonyl compounds Nucleophilic addition reaction of compounds comprising carbonyl group along with those compounds that have at least one acidic hydro

Organic compounds , What Is The B...

What Is The Benefits Of Alkenes?

Chemical methods - purification of organic compounds, Chemical methods - Pu...

Chemical methods - Purification of organic compounds Besides these physical methods, few chemical methods have as well been utilized to separate a mixture of organic compounds.

Calculations, how to calculate alcoholic acidity as a H2SO4

how to calculate alcoholic acidity as a H2SO4

By the action of co on methyl alcohol, By the action of CO on methyl alcoho...

By the action of CO on methyl alcohol Methyl alcohol and carbon monoxide react together under a pressure of 30 atmospheres and 200°C in presence of a catalyst cobalt octacarbon

What are conjugate acid and conjugate bases?, when H+ is removed from any c...

when H+ is removed from any compound it forms conjugate acid. the addition of H+ ion gives conjugate base.

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