calculate the gain or loss of company, Accounting Basics

During the tracking period, 18 March to 21 April 2011, your team is to monitor the performance of the shares and the overall performance of the Australian share-market.  Can you maximize the value of your share portfolio???

[A]     A brief description of each company in your team's portfolio.  It should be presented as a comparative table and should include:-

  • Products And Services Provided By The Company [brief outline]
  • Name Of Chief Executive Officer [or Managing Director]
  • Salary or Number of Shares held by Chief Executive Officer [or Managing Director]
  • Profit / Loss after Tax from 2010 Annual Report for the full financial year - consolidated figures
  • Latest Dividend Paid - Dividend Per Share and Date Paid
  • Size Of The Business By Total Assets - from 2010 Annual Report - consolidated figures
  • Number Of Employees
  • Share Price - 52 week High And Low - from the newspaper share-market table on 21 April 2011

[B]     For the tracking period only, using an Excel spreadsheet, prepare your own graph of the daily share price movements for each of your shares. Information should be shown in a table with separate columns for Date and Closing Price [dollars].

For the tracking period only, using an Excel spreadsheet prepare your own graph of the daily movement of the All Ords Index. Information should be shown in a table with separate columns for Date and Closing Value.

[C]     For each company, provide an overview of the share price performance and describe the overall trend of the Australian share-market over the tracking period.  Describe how each of your shares performed against the All Ords Index. Explain major movements in your share prices and the sharemarket with evidence from newspapers, business magazines, internet information or other relevant sources. Evidence should be included and news articles should be photocopied (see p.22 to 25 of your Subject Guide) and neatly presented in an appendix to your report. Harvard Referencing is required to acknowledge all sources of information used. Please be aware of penalties for Plagiarism. See "Harvard Referencing" & "Plagiarism" in Supplementary Resources and Links on BAO1101 website

[D]     Calculate the Gain or Loss made on your portfolio during the tracking period.                                             

[E]     Provide a recommendation [ buy / sell / hold ] for each of your shares.

Support each recommendation with relevant information you have found in Part [C].                                       

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