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Energy Conservation

The efforts made to reduce energy consumption are termed as energy conservation. Energy can be conserved in various ways. An increased energy efficiency used can result in energy conservation. The rate of energy consumed could also be decreased. The reduction is usage of conventional energy resources can also lead to energy conservation.

Energy conservation is undertaken to increase financial capital, national security, improvement or safekeeping of environment quality, human comfort or personal security. The organizations or individuals which undertake energy conservation methods do this to reduce their costs of energy usage and promote their economic condition and security. Maximization of profit is also one other reason for increased use of energy efficient measures.

Energy conservation methods used in building design

The passive solar building design helps the windows, walls and floors to collect and distribute the solar energy. The distribution is done in the form of heat in the winter and the solar heat is rejected during the summers. The mechanical and electrical devices are not used in these systems which makes them different form active solar heating systems. It is also termed as climate design.

Through energy conservation climate changes are also reduced as larger emissions from the usage of fossils lead to excess and increased concentration of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases in the atmosphere which cause climate changes and other environmental issues. Thus the energy conservation methods replace the non renewable sources of energy by renewable sources of energy. For overcoming increase energy shortages, energy conservation is the most often used measure.

The main sources of energy conservation are solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, geothermal energy, hydroelectric energy and biomass energy.

Steps for facilitation of energy conservation

1. Use of telecommuting adopted by many major corporations helps to conserve energy. The jobs of many American firms are now done at the home of employees which helps in saving of fuel energy which was used in commuting.

2. Consumers often go for cheap products involving more fossil usage and are poorly informed of other products which are more energy efficient. The governments are now using the ecolables for making the ecofriendly products more eye catching for a normal consumer.

3. Over illumination methods used in shops and malls cause extra energy consumption along with increasing headache, stress and blood pressure in humans. The retailers argue that the illumination and increase the brightness leads to increase in sales. Other methods should be adopted for solving the needs.

4. Use of fluorescent tubes leads to energy conservation. Long life bulbs should be avoided and lights should be turned off when not in use.

5. Only office machineries which are essential for running of office activities should be turned on like personal computers, printers and copiers. Transformers should not be left plugged into the wall outlets and at the end of the working day; all transformers should be disconnected and isolated from the switch boards.

6. For reducing the energy involved in the operation of air conditioners, all office windows should be covered by light colored curtains or screens. The use of light colors such as white beige, light cream etc reduce the rate of heat conduction, convection or radiation. All doors and window should be thermally sealed and kept close. The ‘auto’ mode should be used in the temperature control settings and the ceiling fans should not be used unless the thermostat of the air conditioner is set at higher mode than normal.

7. In the operation of domestic refrigeration heating and ventilation equipments like freezers, chillers, water fountain and heaters etc some energy conservation methods must be followed. The refrigerator must not be left opened for a long interval of time .and the doors must be opened repeatedly. The warm water must be brought down to normal temperature and then stored in the refrigerator. The refrigerator should also be placed away form sunlight, stove or other heat sources. The spaces beneath and under the refrigerators must allow the passage of hot air currents.

8. The kitchen appliances like hot plate, cooker, microwave kettle, blender, mixer etc must be turned off when not in use. The kettles should only be quarter filled for preparing tea or coffee. Stoves and ovens should be set at the temperature level of two to three. Microwaves must also be set at medium or medium-high temperature for two to four minute duration.