Writing return statement in a value returning function

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What would be wrong with not writing returnstatement in a value returing function? Can you have a returnstatement in a void function? Does the return statement in the following function cause syntax error?

void p(double x, double y)



cout << x << " " << y << endl;


return x+y;



2. Write a function headers (not the bodies) for the following functions;

a. Return a sales commission, given the sales amount and the commission rate.


b.Display the calendar for a month, given the month and year.


c.Return a square root of number.


d.Test Whether a number is even, and return true if it is.


e.Display a message a specified number of times.


f.Return the monthly payment, given the loan amount, number of years, and annual interest rate.


g.Return the corresponding uppercase letter, given a lowercase letter.

Reference no: EM13166352

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