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1. For this weeks forum post, I decided to touch on the subject of plastic pollution solutions. Though I believe there are many great prevention measures we could be taking, I feel that a few stand out more than others. The most important way to combat plastic pollution is to recycle. As we as humans expand, so does the supply and demand from plastic related products (bags, bottles, ex). In Oceans and waterways all over the world, many of those plastic products are piling up by the ton. This plays a major role by negatively effecting water quality which in turn effects all that inhabit the water, thus potentially destroying a whole ecosystem. Some of the pros of better recycling are that we can re-use plastic for other purposes. Also, the most obvious reason is that we can cleanse the water, thus prevent further damage to the ecosystem. Another way that we can prevent plastic pollution is to pass bills and laws that will encourage (through taxation, or penalties) manufactures to use less plastic product. This can pose both Pros and Cons, but I feel if would produce the wanted results either way.

2. When talking about the plastic pollution, I believe that it is derived from our on the go nature. While doing this week's form now I have two plastic bottles next to me. One is mine and the second I have no clue whose it is. So my first instinct is to throw it away, but my only trash can I have close to me is a non-recyclable trash can. This I believe is the biggest problem we face, we have so many products that can/need to be recycled. But we don't because the nearest place might be outside or too far away that is just out of our way. What I think it just boils down to is that we are just lazy and our excuse is that it is out of our way. As far as the effects go, I think it affects the environment as a whole not just one in particular element. I read an article from conserve-energy-future.com, that it upsets the food chain.

Fish have the biggest problem, because they are like the middle-man. From the article these plastic actually pollute the tiniest organisms within the water such as plankton. Fish eat these organisms, which other mammals eat the fish including humans. It just seems like a vicious cycle that will never end. I have an idea that plastic pollution had an effect on the environment, I just never thought about how for lace of a better word lazy we are or at least myself when it comes to this issue. Like I stated in the beginning I was about to throw away a plastic bottle in the trash, when there is a recyclable trash can just on the other side of my work area (around 50ft). I think I subconsciously wanted to put it there because the recycle trash can was not near me or not along my way.

3. I think the number one problem is the world's population and it will continues to grow. The more people we have, the more garbage we will product. Plastic is everywhere, it is a toxic pollutants, that has the potential to cause harm to the environment in the air, water, and land.

Cons, is the negatively impact that it has on natural environment, kills plants, wildlife and human, because of the different compounds in plastic that is known to cause illness. Are landfills are over pack and that toxic enter the ground, which can also effect the wildlife, plants, and underground water.

Pros, we can used paper or cloth bags, instead of plastic bags when we go to the grocery store and purchasing less plastic items. Stay away from plastic water bottles, used reusable water bottles. Package food in food container that is reusable with lids and utensils that will help. The most important one is to school the world. Doing a little will take a long way.

Kai Jackson.

Reference no: EM131230690

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