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For a biomedical experiment, the names and weights of some patients have been stored in a file patwts.dat. For example, the file might look like this:

Darby George   166.2

Helen Dee  143.5

Giovanni Lupa   192.4

Cat Donovan   215.1

Create this data file first. Then, write a script readpatwts that will first attempt to open the file. If the file open is not successful, an error message should be printed. If it is successful, the script will read the data into strings, one line at a time. Print for each person the name in the form ilast,firsti followed by the weight. Also, calculate and print the average weight. Finally, print whether or not the file close was successful. For example, the result of running the script would look like this:

>> readpatwts

George,Darby 166.2

Dee,Helen 143.5

Lupa,Giovanni 192.4

Donovan,Cat 215.1

The ave weight is 179.30

File close successful

Reference no: EM13854497

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