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This is a phone that is not like the other phone. In many of this phone is unique, compact smartphone, that is a strong black sleek hand held machine, and when the eyes was laid on it, they were sated, and I had to have it.

The other phone that I have owned, were did not stand alone. They were prepaid, and didn't have the capabilities that this phone does.

My Droid, when hold the on/off button, it turns my Droid on. When it is turned it on, I first see a Motorola symbol, followed by a screen that plays out like a Sci-Fi movie.

The screen shows a sci-fi door closing in reverse followed by the word Droid. The color from the screen is so vivid and breath taking that it draws one's eyes.

After the breathtaking screen has opened its doors to capture ones eye, there is a key symbol, which is to unlock the phone. This key to me represent a key to unlock a gate which safely guards one secrets, and has secrets itself to give. After opening the key with one stroke of my figure, my eyes are meet with a screen that displays a circle with a phone, unlock, text, and camera symbol, with the key symbol in the middle. When I see this circle with these icons symbols, my mind quickly in vision a space orbital of planets that are orbiting a in closes the galaxy that holds undiscovered secrets.

When I final unlock the phone I see many symbol from Droid Command Center, which is my Home screen that gives me quick links to what's important, .and you can view all the information i need from my Home screen, including phone, text, camera, email, time, date, tools, battery level, weather details and internet that is activated at the touch of my figure tip.

From the command center many symbol, I use to access quick link that are on my Droid. My battery life of my phone is just like a human, when it runs it course it dies, but unlike a human it can be recharged and get a second life. When I use my phone feature, I am given change to use the electric waves to connect to a special friend or a family member. When I use my camera feature, I have the ability to take picture of beautiful landscapes, thanks to Droids m low-light sensitivity feature, which is ideal for snapping photos in romantically settings, so that it can a have a and also have the ability to fix the picture color, atomic shape, memorable picture that will last forever. Also the camera feature, a simplified user interface, application that makes it easier than ever to get the right shot.

When I am not using my Droid , and it still on my Droid, closes it eyes from a long day of work, to take a quick resourceful nap, listening and responding my verbal commands.

Reference no: EM1395122

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