Write an efficient backtracking program

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A derangement is a permutation p of {1,...,n} such that no item is in its proper position, i.e. pi ≠ i for all 1 ≤ i ≤ n. Write an efficient backtracking program with pruning that constructs all the derangements of n items.

Reference no: EM131361612

Multi-user operating system

Examine the major advantages and disadvantages of a multi-user OS. Determine whether a multi-tasking operating system is the same as a multi-user operating system. Provide a

New hires at all levels of the organization

As CEO of Blue Corporation, George makes it a point to meet new hires at all levels of the organization. He explains the goals of the company and emphasizes the importance o

Description of the major business drivers

A description of the major business drivers (motivations) that lead to creating and sustaining a project. A description of how these drivers would be different for a

Explain dispatcher and data access object design

Prepare a two page paper comparing and contrasting five of design. Dispatcher - controls client access and re-directs or dispatches client requests to proper party which can

Features in modern automobile are customer driven

A. What features in modern automobile are customer driven? B. Henry Ford once said something to the effect that the customer can have any color Model T he wants as long as i

Distinction between total and partial constraints

Q1. Explain the distinction between total and partial constraints. Q2. Explain the difference between a weak and a strong entity set. Q3. Explain the distinction between cond

Create the world for the biplane acrobatic air-show

When you have the fly Forward and barrel methods working, add fly Left and fly Right event handling methods for the left and right arrow keys to steer the biplane left or ri

Propose a dhcp configuration

Your organization has expanded its network from one subnet to two subnets and is putting 200 computers on the new subnet, with plans for adding up to 100 more computers over


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