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Case 1:
Mary Jo is a very religious woman. She takes every opportunity to propagate her religion at work, in social gatherings, and even at the mall. In fact, one of the central tenets of her religion is that salvation is dependent upon her converting as many people as she can. Her coworkers, however, have begun to be annoyed at her incessant preaching, and her employer has begun to notice that the only way work gets done is for coworkers to engage in elaborate schemes to avoid being in her presence. Her employer admonishes her to stop proselytizing at work. She offered, instead, to simply limit her proselytizing to certain hours of the day. Her employer declined, and told her that she was being paid to work, not to preach. When Mary Jo refuses to accede to her employer's wishes, she is fired. She files a claim with the EEOC, alleging that her employer failed to accommodate her religious beliefs.

Case 2:
Lynette Hines is employed by Irvin Industries. She recently became a Seven Day Adventist and has informed her employer that she can no longer work on Saturday. Irvin Industries makes seat cushions for air planes and is a relatively small operation. While Saturday is not a regular work day, frequently employees are required to work on Saturday and they are informed of this condition of employment during the hiring process. Lynette is told by her supervisor that if the plant is operating on a Saturday, she will have to be there unless she is sick. He explained to Lynette that he had no one to do her job and her absence would slow down production. The following Saturday, Lynette failed to report to work and she was fired. She filed a claim for religious discrimination under Title VII.

You need help with this week's case analysis. 2 cases. Not intense analysis, just need to be about 2 pages for each case.
Each case consist of 2 parts, Analysis (Analysis of the cases) and Management tips (what the management can do to avoid law suit in that situation, what they should pay attention in their management strategy), and of course, work cited at the end.

Reference no: EM131333546

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