Write all sql statements necessary to redesign this database

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Suppose that the table EMPLOYEE has a 1:N relationship to the table PHONE_NUMBER. Further suppose that the key of EMPLOYEE is Employee ID and the columns of PHONE_NUMBER are Phone Number ID (a surrogate key), Area Code, Local Number, and Employee ID (a foreign key to EMPLOYEE). Write all SQL statements necessary to redesign this database so that it has just one table. Explain the difference between the result of Project Question 8.51 and the result of this question

Reference no: EM131221310

Why the strategy for storing check constraint values

Explain why the strategy for storing CHECK constraint values in a separate table is better than implementing them in a table-based constraint. How can this strategy be used

Difference between complete and differential backups

What is the difference between complete and differential backups? Under what conditions are complete backups preferred? Under what conditions are differential backups prefer

Create test data and demonstrate that your trigger works

Code an SQL Server trigger named Allow_Deletion_Of_DEPARTMENT to allow the deletion of a department if it only has one employee. Assign the last employee to the Human Resour

Write a create table statement to create table slide_show

Set the data type of Name and Description however you deem appropriate. Set the data type of Purpose to char (15), and limit it to the set of values (‘Home', ‘Office', ‘Fami

Calculate the amount of atp produced

Calculate the amount of ATP produced in each of the following catabolic processes. A. Glucose in the absence of oxygen B. Glucose in the presence of oxygen, all the way unti

Find the length of third side and the area of the triangle

You are given two sides of a triangle, a = 4.5 and b=6. The angle between them is 35 degrees. Write a script to find the length of the third side and the area of the triangl

Write a script that takes a vector of numbers

Write a script that takes a vector of numbers, A, and return a new vector B, containing the cubes of the positive numbers in A. If a particular entry is negative, replace it

Write function called check factor that takes in two number

Write a function called check Factor that takes in two numbers, and checks if they are divisible, i.e. if the first is divisible by the second. You may assume that both numb


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