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This assignment requires you to take your extended design from Week 4 IP and add proper indexes, a function, and a stored procedure. Your changes will provide functionality used by the teachers for screens such as a grade book. Be sure any code is properly formatted and has appropriate comments.

Part 1: Function

Write a user-defined function (UDF) that calculates a student's GPA for a given time frame. Inputs are StudentId int, ClassStartDateStart datetime, and ClassStartDateEnd datetime. The output should be the student's GPA for all classes that were taken between ClassStartDateStart and ClassStartDateEnd. Also, supply the script to call this new function, passing it parameter values of your choice.

Part 2: Stored Procedure

Write the DDL script to make a stored procedure that returns data needed to display a grade book screen for a professor. The only input for the stored procedure is a ClassId. Outputs need to include student names and grades for all assignments as well as a calculated overall grade for the class for each student. Provide an example calling this new stored procedure, passing it parameter values of your choice. Include a screenshot of the output.

Part 3: Indexes

Provide a list of suggested indexes and the DDL script to create them. Include an explanation of the purpose of indexes and how you made your decision for the fields to include in your list of suggested indexes.

Copy and paste the work into your Key Assignment document and include screen shots of each step, describe what you did for each step and paste in the actual SQL text used to perform each step. Upload your document to the Submitted Tasks.

Reference no: EM131041670

Troubleshooting and testing strategies

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