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1. Requirement

Write a term paper on Computer Crimes using the outline below. A total of 10 additional pages not including reference page.

Uses the 4 references below and Add 6 more references using APA format.

Computer Crimes

Computer crime commonly referred to as cybercrime is an act that's done by a knowledgeable computer user with the aim to illegally obtain individual or company's private data (Computer Hope, n.d.).

Types of Cyber Crimes

1. Hacking

Hacking is among the top computer crimes. This is a type of crime in which a computer user with enough expertise breaks into other people's computer in order to access their private and sensitive information (Cross Domain Solutions, n.d.).

2. Theft

3. Cyber Stalking

4. Identity Theft

5. Malicious Software

Causes of Cyber Crime

Categories of Cyber Crime

Cyber Crimes are broadly categorized into three categories

1. Individual
2. Property
3. Government

How does technology affect ethics?

With the growing number of internet users and the advancements in technology, computer crimes are on the rise. This has affected the ethics of almost every internet user and the society as a whole. Young teens can easily access any material they want, including pornographic materials and so on.

Social, economic, political, and global attributes of hacking

Hacking has global recognition and is among the four biggest crime threats all over the world. Hackers have made a lot of money by accessing people's information like social security numbers and bank data. Governments have also exploited hacking as a way of obtaining other governments information (Harris, 2005).

The positive and negative impacts of hacking

The positive side of hacking is called ethical hacking. This is hacking with the goal to establish the internet security of a given company or organizations. Ethical hackers are employed by organizations to establish any loopholes in their systems.

The negative impacts of hacking includes privacy violation of individuals and organizations. Exposing some sensitive information of organizations can lead to very huge losses. A lot of people have been victims of computer crime - hacking.

Related laws, issues and controversies surrounding

Hacking in United States is classified as a felony and is punishable by law. Many nations, however, do not recognize hacking as a crime since they do not have the advanced technology infrastructure.

The major controversies surrounding hacking include educating the students on hacking procedure in schools and publish hacking books. Every computer user should be aware of the consequences of hacking (Harris, 2005).

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Reference no: EM13795436

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