Write a short program that generates a 256-bit aes key

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1. Investigate the random number generators built into three of your favorite programming languages. Would you use these random number generators for cryptographic purposes?

2. Using an existing cryptography library, write a short program that generates a 256-bit AES key using a cryptographic PRNC.

Reference no: EM131262512

How to build a secure virtual network

This report is based on the concept of virtual network. Today various new technologies have been introduced to fulfill various requirements of the users. As much as technolo

System capabilities for the company

Please include title page and reference page with references. This term paper needs to be in APA style. Include page numbers at the top right corner of each page.  The title p

Explaining resulting scheme is not ind-cpa-secure

Let a variant of CBC-mode encryption where sender simply increments the IV by 1 each time a message is encrypted. Illustrate that resulting scheme is not IND-CPA-secure.

Discuss the factors that affect query decomposition

How is the decomposition of an update request different from the decomposition of a query? How are guard conditions and attribute lists of fragments used during the decompos

How would you test these programs

Write a program to remove spurious carriage returns from a file. Write a second program to add them by replacing each newline with a carriage return and newline. How would y

Calculate the log-likelihood function

Compare the estimated standard errors resulting from the use of optim() to those obtained from glm(). Repeat this process with the corresponding complementary log-log regres

Government purchases decrease

Assume that government purchases decrease by $10 billion, with other factors held constant, including the price level. Calculate the change in the level of real GDP demanded f

Write a method that accepts a reference to a string object

Write a method that accepts a reference to a String object as an argument and returns true if the argument ends with the substring ".com". Otherwise, the method should retur


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