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Write one paragraph after you read this and don't forget to take a look on the website:

this week we are going to look at the formation of the Minnesota River Valley - which directly impacts the Twin Cities Metro area and the river valley of the Mississippi River as they join in the metro area. The Minnesota River Valley connects down by Fort Snelling and the airport, so if you have flown into Minneapolis/St Paul International you have seen and flown over this river.

Review this entire website and study the glacial history of the area. We, of course have no written proof of this - while there MAY have been humans watching it, they were not taking notes or pictures that they left for us to find. SO - what proof do they offer up that this is how things happened? If you can't find proof on this website - can you find it elsewhere? What do you think of this theory as to how the valley was formed? If you don't believe this theory - how do you think it happened?

Here is the website to use:


And respond to this:

For proof, there really isn't so much as a direct fact, but the comments that they made have some good points and realistic ideas. How the land was formed from the movement of the glaciers. It would help prove why their are many lakes in Minnesota and not many in other places. As well as the formation of the boundary waters, and why they are not salt water. Which is why they brought up the Lake Agassiz, which was made from the glaciers making the hole for the water, as well as it melting to be able to fill up that lake. It not an impossible theory. There may be no way of truly telling what happened and how it was created, but i believe what is brought it has a realistic view. So i believe that it would be true, or at least closest to the truth that we could get.

Reference no: EM131371888

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