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Title: HVAC Controller


1. To become familiar with the thermistor

2. To use integrated modular programming techniques in developing the project

3. To write a report document for the HVAC Controller



IBM PC or Compatible with Windows 2000 or Higher
Freescale Tower assembly
CodeWarrior IDE


The purpose of this lab project is to utilize information presented within the lecture material to develop software code to operate the HVAC Controller.


1. Create a new project (named Lab 7) for the assembled Freescale Tower using CodeWarrior.

2. The software code for this lab project will be developed by you in compliance with the project requirements stated in Category V (requirements).

3. Add your name, date accomplished, course number, and professor name to the top of the code as a comment statement.

4. Compile the Lab7 program.

5. Observe the results. On campus: demonstrate to your professor.

Online: take a picture of the project and include it in the iLab Cover report.

6. Generate a formal lab report in compliance with the report document guidelines specified in Category VI (report). Campus students will submit the report as the course professor requires. Online students will submit the report in the homework Dropbox.

V. Requirements

1. The thermistor will be read. The data is to be displayed on the LCD in degrees Celsius.

2. The temperature to activate the heater is entered by the user through the keypad or the potentiometer.

3. The temperature to activate the air conditioner is entered by the user through the keypad or the potentiometer. Note that you can simply set one temperature, and then set the mode to Heat or A/C

4. The fan (indicated by the LED) is on when either the heater is on or the air conditioner is on. The fan is off when both the heater and air conditioner is off.

5. The LEDs (active low) will be used to indicate the status of the HVAC Controller.

LED4 indicates that the heater is activated.
LED3 indicates that the HVAC fan is on.
LED2 indicates that the air conditioner is activated.
LED1 indicates that the HVAC system is set for heat (LED on) or A/C (LED off).

6. The Heat/A/C control should allow for user input.

VI. Report

The report will be graded by the following categories:

1. Presentation Quality of Manual

a. Spelling
b. Organization
c. Overall Neatness
d. Legibility

2. Technical Accuracy

a. Are all required documents and sign-offs present?
b. Are specifications adequate and correct?
c. Hardware and software documentation make sense.

Reference no: EM13754596

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