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RTL SA is a company which develops bespoke solutions for the rubber industry. They produce both Rubber compound, which other companies such as tyre manufacturers use to produce vulcanized products. The company also produces custom made molded rubber products and rubber coatings according to customer specifications. The rubber products are for a wide variety of applications and thus there are a wide range of' requirements for the properties of the rubber including elasticity, hardness and exposure to a range of chemicals, to name but a few.' Thus the formulations need to be tailored to suit the customers needs.

This means that the company does not have a range of ready made products, but rather that there is a process where the customer makes an enquiry and the company needs to assess whether they can make a product to the customers specifications before producing some samples which the customer has to approve before an offer is made and the customer can order the products.'

An online system is needed where customers can make enquiries and which handles the process of evaluation and approval to the point where the customer can order products.


The system/application is to run either as a stand-alone application or as a web application. You are to use a database to hold persistent data and are required to connect your system/application to the database.

P.S: Products to be put in the database will be sent.

The system must at the very least allow different users to create, edit and delete records appropriate to their role (Customer, Manager and Engineer) and implement a multi-user system that is connected to a database to record persistent data. The system must be functional and largely error free.

Reference no: EM13636


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