Write a recursive function named summer

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Write a recursive function named summer that takes two parameters - an array of doubles and the size of the array - and returns the sum of the values in the array.  The size parameter does not have to be the actual size of the array.  It will be at the top level, but at the lower recursive levels it can be the size of the sub-array being worked on at that level.The file must be called: summer.cpp.

Reference no: EM13867068

Write a program to test the new class

After writing the interfaces, create a collection class named StringCounter. It should implement the IOrderedWordStruture, mentioned above. It should have the following meth

What else can you do to improve performance

You have a site (Site1) that has about 20 users. For the last few months, users at Site1 have been complaining about the performance when accessing multiple files located o

Great success in solar energy technologies

The SolarGroup (TSG) has experienced great success in solar energy technologies, but it has reached a point where the information technology (IT) infrastructure, especially

Proliferation of mobile devices on cloud-based computing

Analyze and explain the impact of the proliferation of mobile devices on cloud-based computing in various industries. For example, the rise of mobile phones and cloud-based

Total benefit maggie obtains

Suppose a law is passed which makes cigars illegal, so that C = 0. What is the total benefit Maggie obtains? What is the total cost Rui suffers? What is the dead-weight-loss

Research more about reverse proxies

Research more about reverse proxies. Under what circumstances should a reverse proxy be used? Find a product that provides reverse proxy services and provide the name, URL,

Custom buttons for navigation controls

Create a simple form for each table you have created, I want to be able to add, edit, delete and update each table, use custom buttons (command button) for navigation contro

Create a class that simulates an alarm clock

In addition, have both constructors set the alarm clock as off. (you will need a Boolean variable that determines whether the alarm is on or off) . The function or method yo


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