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Assignment - Programming flash calculations

A stream of hydrocarbons is to be separated in single-stage vapor-liquid flash process. The feed stream is a bubble point liquid at 600 kPa with the following flow rates, in kmol/h:

propane: 2.21

n-butane: 3.18

i-butane: 3.65

n-pentane: 4.96

i-pentane: 2.30

n-hexane: 1.11

Write a program to calculate the results of an isothermal flash at a given temperature and a pressure of 305 kPa. Find the flow rates and the compositions of the product streams at a flash temperature of 320 K. Find the heat, in units of kJ/h, that must be added to the feed stream at a given temperature and plot heat versus flash temperature in the range of 305 < T < 330. Estimate the temperature at which the flash is adiabatic.

The materials you turn in on Blackboard with this assignment should include:

  • The computer code that you wrote. The better your code is commented, the more partial credit we'll be able to give you.
  • A 1-2 page description of the methods you implemented in your program.
  • The results (output) from your program.

Note: Using the GetEnthalpy.m function

You can find the function file GetEnthalpy.m in the 'resources' section of the course Piazza page. It returns the molar enthalpy of a stream in units of J/mol given the pressure, temperature, composition, and phase of that stream. You should copy it into the same folder or directory as the GetKValues function. The use is as follows: enthalpy = GetEnthalpy(p, T, component_numbers, compositions, ph)

Note - Follow the instructions on the pdf using Kvalue zip drive to obtain the values from the interactive code and the rest of the process from the GetEnthalpy script. The 1-2 page report is not needed.

Attachment:- Assignment Files.rar

Reference no: EM132234440

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