Write a program that uses a two-dimensional array

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Write a program that uses a two-dimensional array of characters to hold the five student names, a single-dimensional array of five characters to hold the five students' letter grade, and five singe-dimensional arrays of four doubles to hold each student's set of test scores. The program should allow the user to enter each student's name and his or her four test scores. It should then calculate and display each student's average test score and a letter grade based on the average. Input validation: Do not accept test scores less than 0 or greater than 100.

Reference no: EM13210062

List three exception types from the java.io package

Does a constructor have any means of indicating to a client that it cannot correctly set up the new object's state? What should a constructor do if it receives inappropriate

Find the minimum mass flow rate of air

The air enters each stage of the compressor at 300 K and each stage of the turbine at 1200 K. Accounting for the variation of specific heats with temperature, determine the

What are the components of pki

1. What are the components of PKI? 2. What is physical security? What are the primary threats to physical security? How are they manifested in attacks against the organizat

Average return on all of ed

Ed invests $68,000 in certificates of deposit (i.e., CDs) paying 1.75%. How much additional money does he need to invest in stocks that are expected to generate a return of

What is information hiding

What are some of the benefits of modularity? 2. What is functional abstraction? 3. What is information hiding?

Create a method called pterodactyl fly

Create a method called pterodactyl fly that will make the pterodactyl move forward while flapping its wings, and then create a loop in world.my first method to make the pter

Create an investment structure

Create an investment structure. Include fields for the term of the investment in years, the beginning dollar amount of the investment, and the final value of the investment.

Consider the most effective perimeter and network defense

What would you consider the most effective perimeter and network defense methods available to safeguard network assets? Your answer should include at least one practical exa


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