Write a program that splits an array into two arrays

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Write a program that splits an array into two arrays where any element in one array is smaller than any element in the other array. Solutions are not unique, but equally sized splits are desirable. The input can be any size array less than 100.

Example input: [6, 45, 23, 65, 17, 48, 97, 32, 18, 9, 88]

Example output: [6, 23, 17, 18 , 9]

Reference no: EM131229711

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Our distributed environments have put much more responsibility on the individual user, facility management, and administrative procedures and controls than in the old days.

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Straightforward approach but is probably

If you had to figure out how to map these voltages to binary digital logic states (0 and 1), one simple approach might be to say that you'll treat any value less than 0.6 Vo

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Consider a steady-flow heat exchanger involving two different fluid streams. Under what conditions will the amount of heat lost by one fluid be equal to the amount of heat g


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