Write a program that solves the knapsack problem

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Write a program that solves the knapsack problem for an arbitrary knapsack capacity and series of weights. Assume the weights are stored in an array. Hint: The arguments to the recursive knapsack() function are the target weight and the array index where the remaining items start.

Reference no: EM131243261

Sequence of numbers and an optional minimum value

Define a function called all_above(), which takes a sequence of numbers and an optional minimum value, and determines if every number in the sequence is larger than the given

Research more about reverse proxies

Research more about reverse proxies. Under what circumstances should a reverse proxy be used? Find a product that provides reverse proxy services and provide the name, URL,

Implement a dfa for the same

You just witnessed a bank robbery and got a partial license plate of the getaway vehicle. It started with DL, had a C somewhere in the middle and ended with 3. Help the poli

Examine various keyboard setups at the microsoft web site

Look at the new cool mice at laptopshop.co.uk/news/2009/05/coolest-computermice. Would any of these mice or the multitouch Magic Mouse by Apple mentioned earlier in this ch

Discuss the limitations of memory management

Discuss the limitations of memory management schemes in early systems. What were the most problematic aspects of these schemes? Why were they sufficient for the first three ge

Protect proprietary interest by addressing ethical issues

Advise whether you agree or disagree with CEO, specifically addressing ethical issues involved. Suppose you make a decision to hire a hacker, how would you protect your pr

What happens when the interrupt has been serviced

Explain what the CPU should do when an interrupt occurs. Include in your answer the method the CPU uses to detect an interrupt, how it is handled, and what happens when the

Create a method called pterodactyl fly

Create a method called pterodactyl fly that will make the pterodactyl move forward while flapping its wings, and then create a loop in world.my first method to make the pter


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