Write a program that inputs a filename from the user

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Question: The Payroll Department keeps a list of employee information for each pay period in a text file. The format of each line of the file is the following:

<last name> <hourly wage> <hours worked>

Write a program that inputs a filename from the user and prints to the terminal a report of the wages paid to the employees for the given period. The report should be in tabular format with the appropriate header. Each line should contain an employee's name, the hours worked, and the wages paid for that period.

PROJECT 2. Modify the sentence-generator program of Case Study so that it inputs its vocabulary from a set of text files at startup. The filenames are nouns.txt, verbs. txt, articles.txt, and prepositions.txt.

Reference no: EM132234004

Develop console application utilizes while loop to count

Develop a C++ console application which utilizes a while loop to count, total, and average series of positive integers entered by a user.

Write program that calculate and prints the monthly paycheck

Write a program that calculates and prints the monthly paycheck for an employee. The net pay is calculated after taking the following deductions: Federal Income Tax: 15%.

Write code to takes input from console

Write code using C++ which takes input from console and displays output on console. You will write program which takes user input, does some basic arithmetic, and displays t

Design employee objects-display each object-s yearly salary

Design two employee objects and display each object's yearly salary. Then provide each employee 10% raise and display each Employee's yearly salary again.

Implement a program to learn vocabulary of foreign languages

We want to implement a program which will help students learn the vocabulary of foreign languages. The first step, which has been assigned to you, is to build a data structu

Program to manage phonebook contact using binary search tree

Use C++ language to carry out this exercise, BST (Binary Search Trees) template. Write down the program which manage phonebook contact using BST.

Create a class called pizzaorder

Create a class called PizzaOrder that has the following members: toppingsOffered[] - a constant array of Strings representing the choice of low-price toppings, e.g., { "onio

Complete the systems administration scripting log

Complete the Systems Administration Scripting Log, As you complete each of the following steps, keep track of what occurs at each point, including what you type, the output


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