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Question: Again every programming assignment must include the python program and a file with snap-shots of the program running like the case study. You should at least have two files uploaded.

1. Teachers in most school districts are paid on a schedule that provides a salary based on their number of years of teaching experience. For example, a beginning teacher in the Lexington School District might be paid $30,000 the first year. For each year of experience after this first year, up to 10 years, the teacher receives a 2% increase over the preceding value. Write a program that displays a salary schedule, in tabular format, for teachers in a school district. The inputs are the starting salary, the percentage increase, and the number of years in the schedule. Each row in the schedule should contain the year number and the salary for that year.

2. The credit plan at TidBit Computer Store specifies a 10% down payment and an annual interest rate of 12%. Monthly payments are 5% of the listed purchase price, minus the down payment. Write a program that takes the purchase price as input. The program should display a table, with appropriate headers, of a payment schedule for the lifetime of the loan. Each row of the table should contain the following items:

• the month number (beginning with 1)

• the current total balance owed

• the interest owed for that month

• the amount of principal owed for that month

• the payment for that month

• the balance remaining after payment

The amount of interest for a month is equal to balance * rate / 12. The amount of principal for a month is equal to the monthly payment minus the interest owed.

Reference no: EM132233622

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