Write a php script that computes the total cost

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Create a form with four checkboxes, one of each of the following items:

4 100-watt light bulbs for $2.39
8 100-watt light bulbs for $4.29
4 100-watt long life bulbs for $3.95
8 100-watt long life bulbs for $7.49

Write a PHP script that computes the total cost of the ordered light bulbs from above after adding 6.2 percent sales tax. The program must inform the buyer of exactly what was ordered, in a table.


Reference no: EM13308269

Southwest airline colleen barrett on servant leadership

Watch the video "Southwest Airline's Colleen Barrett on Servant Leadership." What did you learn about servant leadership from the video? What principle from the video can y

Write a program that simulates the rolling of two dice

Print the results in a tabular format. Also, determine if the totals are reasonable (i.e., there are six ways to roll a 7, so approximately one-sixth of all the rolls should

Regardless of how many are shipped

Jeep has an engine assembly plant in Detroit and a vehicle assembly plant in Chicago. Engines are transported between the two factories using trucks. Each truck trip costs

Conflict-management techniques

Conflict-management techniques allow leaders to control conflict levels (not only decrease them, but also increase them). Select a problem that disturbs you and is not solve

Write a parameterizable model of a voltage source

Write a parameterizable model of a voltage source that generates a ramp. The parameters should be initial voltage, final voltage, delay before the ramp, and rise (or fall) t

How was it managed to support an innovative atmosphere

Describe a team project with which you are familiar where the objective was to find an innovative solution. What was the level of stress and how was it managed to support an

Initial review of the use of standard documentation

After undertaking a regular review of the organisation's use of templates and macros, Kim has become concerned that employees are not using templates and macros properly. Pr

How many instructions can be executed during waiting period

f the machine is capable of executing ten instructions each microsecond, how many instructions can be executed during this waiting period? Show the details of all calculat


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