Write a method that does a reverse lookup

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Rewrite Exercise 2 using the SortedList class.

Exercise 2

Write a program that stores names and phone numbers from a text file in a dictionary, with the name being the key. Write a method that does a reverse lookup, that is, finds a name given a phone number. Write a Windows application to test your implementation.

Reference no: EM131313335

Explain the concepts of expansion and recession

1. Define business cycle and explain the concepts of expansion and recession 2. Identify (plot out) using Gapminder World ( https://www.gapminder.org/world/ )the business cy

Determining the tremendous damage

Adams has had Baker working for her for over six months. One day, tremendous damage is caused and lives are lost due to Baker's actions. It has always been unclear what rela

Create a professional document that promotes development

Search the Internet for information on a topic that interests you and that offers information on money management, personal health and safety, or parenting. Note the URL's w

What is a social network in simplest terms

1.) Do a Google search and find out what is a NoSQL database and how they are threatening the relational database? .) Which companies created the NoSQL databases Cassandra, Bi

Question regarding the process of strategic management

Note the nature and value of strategic management as well as the process of strategic management. Please discuss an item from the current news where you see evidence of strat

Which service to select to achieve operational excellence

Consider not only costs but also such issues as delivery speed, pickup schedules, drop-off locations, tracking ability, and ease of use of the website. Which service did y

Address the learning outcomes of the assignment

Demonstrate writing proficiency at the academic level of the course; address the Learning Outcomes of the assignment. Use and cite relevant and credible sources to support ass

Create a new hash class that uses an arraylist

Using the Hashtable class, write a spelling-checker program that reads through a text file and checks for spelling errors. You will, of course, have to limit your dictionary


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