Write a matlab function that would simulate rolling a biased

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1) Write a MATLAB function that would simulate rolling a biased ("lucky") die N times; i.e., the function must return face values of N rolls of a biased die (N is a function input). Assume that the probability of "6" is 50% higher than for other face values, the probability of "1" is 50% lower than for other face values, and that all other faces are equally likely. Verify correct functionality of your function by appropriate experimentation.

2) Assume that a DC voltage with the amplitude 12 V is contaminated by white (Gaussian) noise with zero mean and standard deviation of 0.5 V. Evaluate with a proper MATLAB modeling the probability that the voltage will exceed 12.5 V. Compare your result with the theoretically derived one.

On the selected topic, perform the necessary experimental or (end) theoretical work. In your report:

1) State clearly your procedures; show MATLAB code if applicable;

2) Present results (preferably in graphical format) illustrating your work;

3) State appropriate conclusions;

4) List (if applicable) literature sources used.

Reference no: EM13531452

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