Write a do-while loop that asks the user to enter two number

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Write a do-while loop that asks the user to enter two numbers. The numbers should be added and the sum displayed. The user should be asked if he or she wishes to perform the operation again. If so, the loop should repeat; otherwise it should terminate.

Reference no: EM131236389

Write command to determine users on active directory from xp

Write down the command to determine all users on Active Directory from XP. Write down the query to look up a user on Active Directoy and see the user's property.

Design an adt that represents any bid

Specify each ADT operation by stating its purpose, by describing its parameters, and by writing a pseudocode version of its header. Then write a Java interface for a bid's m

Programming exercise-reverse the command line

Write a C program that will print out each command line argument on a separate line. However,you should print them out in reverse order. That is, the last command line argum

Write a class called traffic violations

(a) Write a class called Traffic Violations that determines types of traffic violations. (b) Write a test class called TestTrafficViolations that implements the class TrafficV

Location to make it easier for a user to find

Is there a feature that you think should be placed in another location to make it easier for a user to find? For example, Languages, hidden characters, headers, tabs, margin

Write a report suggesting appropriate metrics

Assume you work for an organization that develops database products for individuals and small businesses. This organization is interested in quantifying its software develop

Sales force requires remote

A mobile sales force requires remote connectivity in order to access shared files and e-mail on the corporate network. All employees in the sales department have laptops equ

Write a matlab program that receives as input a number x

Write your program so that it can handle an array as input, returning an array of the same size in this case. Use your program to generate numbers for Example 2.2, demonstra


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