Write a c++ program that accepts this code as input

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(Electrical Eng.) A small factory generates its own power with a 20-kilowatt generator and a 50-kilowatt generator. The plant manager indicates which generator is required by typing a character code. Write a C++ program that accepts this code as input. If code s is typed, a message directing the plant foreman to use the smaller generator should be displayed; otherwise, a message directing the use of the larger generator should be displayed.

Reference no: EM131399231

Using the types of entities found in the henry

Using the types of entities found in the Henry Books database (books, authors, and publishers), create an example of a table that is in first normal form but not in second

The program by three-dimensional array

Write a small program that will read in 52 cards from a file, shuffle the cards, print the unshuffled deck to the screen, and print the shuffled deck into new file. The unshuf

Locate information about several case tools on the web

What are some difficulties that you think the intern might have in trying to develop the information system? What basic controls should be included in that system to ensure th

How many two-level factors can be included

Starting with a 16-run 24 design, show how two threelevel factors can be incorporated in this experiment. How many two-level factors can be included if we want some informat

Explain diagnosing and troubleshooting excel-based problems

How does versatility of Excel affect application support? Because of its versatility, write assumptions should be made when diagnosing and troubleshooting Excel-based proble

Purpose of the logical network perimeter mechanism

Describe the purpose of the logical network perimeter mechanism and how it establishes a logical boundary. Further, list the components commonly used to create a logical net

What are its propagation delay and contamination delay

Redesign the circuit from Exercise 2.35 to be as fast as possible. Use only the gates from Table 2.8. Sketch the new circuit and indicate the critical path. What are its pro

Previous windows installations

You are trying to clean up a hard drive to free some disk space. You notice the hard drive has a C:Windows. Old folder that takes up 10 GB of valuable hard drive space. Howe


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