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In earlier assignment, we created a database with the following three relation schemes, where the data type for the attributes s and p is Varchar(10) under the SQL-standard, the data type of the attribute c is Char(6) and the attribute sec is of type int. For testing purposes, some sample tables for these schemes were given before in Assign(3).

-     Enrolls(s, c, sec)

-     Teaches(p, c, sec)

-     Likes (s, c)

-     Prereqs(c,Pre)

Write a (C-API) program under mySQL to solve the query: "Find all courses liked by a given student".

Include the following items in your solution submission:

-     a listing of your source program,

-     the result of compilation of the source program, and

-     the result of testing your program. Perform at least two tests; where in the first use Chris for the student, and in the second use Jack.

In this question, you can use the tables under my own database (named farrag), if you did not create your own. Notice the marker may check your source program to make sure it compiles and runs on our server.


Reference no: EM131156810

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