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(500 - 800 words) Wright a Report style regarding a method used in health informatics evaluation.

Question: Select one of the below topics (regarding a method used in health informatics evaluation.):

-User satisfaction surveys

-Culture surveys

- Analysis of clinical indicators (eg. medication error rates, test ordering patterns, patient outcomes)

-Qualitative interviews

-Quantitative work measurement (time and motion studies, work sampling)

Support your response with at least 2 academic sources outside the required materials for the course. o You report should cover the following points:

-Briefly define and describe the selected evaluation method

-What types of health informatics interventions has this method been used to measure?

-What is the purpose of using this method to evaluate health informatics interventions? (ie. what does this method measure?)

-What study designs were utilised? (eg. Controlled trial, before and after)

-How is the data obtained? -How is the data analysed?

-What resources are required to carry out this method (people, equipment, etc)?

-What have been some key findings from studies which have used this method to evaluate health informatics interventions?

-What are the advantages and disadvantages of including this method in a program to evaluate a health informatics intervention?

-What other methods have been used to complement or supplement the use of this method? No spelling or grammar mistakes.

Formatting follows the current version of the APA Style Guide.

Reference no: EM131033565

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