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Vivi works on the Web development team for a world-renowned museum in Los Angeles. She supervises the creation of image files that are posted on the site.

Vivi regularly receives new image files from the marketing department to promote exhibits, lectures and other events at the museum. She also keeps a vast catalog of image files representing the museum's offerings, grounds and most famous works. Sometimes she moves popular images to different pages of the site, where they must share space (and memory) with other related image files. She also incorporates some animated images that demonstrate preservation processes, illustrate historical timelines and recapture event highlights.

The museum Web site receives a great deal of traffic from users around the world, with the images being a popular feature of the site. Vivi has developed the following parameters for images that will be posted to the Web site:

Images must be the best quality possible to display works of fine art.

Images must be easily downloadable, even by clients with dial-up access (e.g., 56 Kbps or even slower).

Images must be in formats compatible with even the oldest browsers.

Vivi receives images in various electronic and paper-based formats. She converts all image files to JPEG and GIF formats before posting them on the Web site. She also regularly reviews the visitor feedback comments submitted to the site to monitor any accessibility problems with the images.

As a class, discuss this scenario and answer the following questions:

Why does Vivi use JPEG and GIF images on the site, but not PNG images?

Is it wise for Vivi to include animated GIF images on the site? Why or why not? Are animated images useful on this Web site? What alternatives could she use for animated content?

What accessibility challenges are inherent to Vivi's project? Are there any techniques Vivi could use to make image content on her Web site more accessible to users with limited or no image viewing capability?

How else could Vivi use images effectively on this site?

Reference no: EM132184308

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