Windows application that allows the user to explore knapsack

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Write a Windows application that allows the user to explore the knapsack problem. The user should be able to change the capacity of the knapsack, the sizes of the items, and the values of the items. The user should also create a list of item names that is associated with the items used in the program.

Reference no: EM131313220

Revise the solution to the balanced-braces problem

revise the solution to the balanced-braces problem so that the expression can contain three types of delimiters ( ), [ ], and { }: Thus {ab(c[d])e} is valid, but {ab(c))is n

Find the standard error of the mean

Botany A botanist is studying the effects of a drought on the size of acorns produced by the oak trees. A random sample of 50 acorns reveals a mean diameter of 16.2 millimet

Contribution to computer science

Write a 250-300 word description for each person stating who they are, what their contribution to Computer Science was, and why it was significant. Include at least 3 refere

Explaining sites appropriate for mobile devices

What do you think are some of the types of sites that would be appropriate for mobile devices? What types of sites do you think are inappropriate?

Create an itt technical institute student project management

You have volunteered to help create an ITT Technical Institute student project management group. You have been asked by the chair of the business school to develop a simple pr

What are the implications for a pal-based implementation

(Traffic Light Controller) The traffic light controller, as presented in Section 9.5, is a Mealy machine. Modify the description to make it part Moore/part Mealy by decoding

Discusses six reasons why proper forensics protocols

Using at least 500 words - summarize the article. The author discusses six reasons why proper forensics protocols must be followed when collecting computer evidence - can yo

Narrative description of the interview setting

Provide a list of people you have or will interview. Provide a narrative description of the interview setting and the intended process, before, during and following the interv


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