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Computer Forensics Discussions

Discussion 1

"Web and Database Attacks / Log Analysis" Please respond to the following:

o Select one (1) common attack that could be launched on a database or Web application due to poor coding and describe the specifics of the attack, its methods, and the potential risks due to the poor coding practices.

o Analyze the usefulness of firewall and router logs and why these potential sources of evidence are substantial enough to analyze. Determine whether or not you believe traffic analysis with a sniffer is necessary with the proper acquisition of firewall and router logs and justify your answer.

Discussion 2

"Live System Forensics" Please respond to the following:

• Explain in your own words why there is a need for live system forensics and discuss how this type of analysis improves on "dead system" analysis. Describe the challenges with data consistency and why this is an area of concern for system forensics specialists.

• Use the Internet to research and select two (2) live system forensic tools for analyzing device memory. Compare and contrast the live system forensic tools you researched. Thoroughly describe each selected tool, including functions, advantages / disadvantages, and costs. Then, select one (1) of these tools as your preferred choice if you had to implement it.

Cyber Security

Discussion 1

"Designing Effective Physical Security" Please respond to the following:

• Outline three parameters that should be considered when designing and implementing physical security into the information protection scheme. Suggest two activities that could be performed to address these parameters and explain how.

• Suggest three activities that could be performed to ensure that physical security plans are adequate. Describe two measures that you could perform in order to evaluate the installed physical security.

Discussion 2

"Planning Procurements Effectively" Please respond to the following:

• Select what you believe to be the top-three benefits of making a business and assurance case prior to proceeding with a procurement plan. Support your response with a rationale. Describe potential challenges that the procurement process may experience by not having a proper business and assurance case.

• Recommend two practices that should be performed when administering procurement contracts and explain why you recommend them. Determine how these practices will ensure that subcontractors fully comply with the requirements of the contract within your recommendation.

Reference no: EM13982056

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