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Reflect: The 1920s was a decade of significant social change and social conflict. Consider the sources of social change that occurred in the 1920s, how those changes affected the group that you chose for your Final Project, and what long-term effect those changes had. Reflect on how the event represented in your primary source relates to the larger social transformations going on. Think back on the video you watched, and think about the guidelines for credibility outlined in it. How credible is your primary source?

Write: Based on information from your textbook and your analysis of the primary source you chose, answer the following:

Why do you think the event was important, and how does it fit into the conflict and changes of the 1920s?

How does the event you chose relate to your Final Project topic?

What does the primary source you chose tell you about this topic?

What does it not tell you?

Reference no: EM13726677

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